Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

Rev. Glen Morton Ganaway C.I.M

Rev. Glen Morton Ganaway, IM, is a teacher and practitioner of A Course In Miracles, spiritual counselor, podcaster, Radical Faerie, Certified Integral Mentor (one of 3 in the world), Naraya Dancer, Interfaith Minister, and producer of “edutainment” events that combine multi-cultural/multi-spiritual influences and music into fun filled inspirational experiences.

Glen has embraced A Course In Miracles as a teacher and workshop leader, using the principles of ACIM to facilitate others in finding their personal power. Glen is certified as an Integral Mentor, is ordained as an Interfaith minister from One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, and also certified in Cindy Wigglesworth's SQ21 method of wisdom assessment.

Glen currently leads The Fellowship of Awakening, a weekly Miracles gathering in Manhattan ( He can be heard once a week on ACIM Gather Radio hosted by Awakening-Together, archived at He does a LiveStream Miracles broadcast every Saturday, and produces “edutainment” events with his spouse Rev. Yolanda ( Their current monthly event is called “Church With A 2 Drink Minimum”, produced by their company Bearded Lady productions LLC ( 


The son of a first generation German Immigrant and a farm girl from Arkansas, Glen was born in Anchorage, Alaska. He is the second of four with an older sister and two younger brothers.

Glen grew up all over the coastal United States, following his father who was chaplain in the Navy. Glen inherited his love for reading from his mother, who is a skilled reading teacher. Glen describes himself as an autodidact, someone who teaches themselves.

Glen developed an outgoing personality moving from military base to base. He was a good student, but kept most mostly to himself and books. He managed to have intense friendships and letter in gymnastics and track. Growing up he was always picked first for volleyball. He was youth pastor of the local First Baptist church in his senior year.

Glen confessed to himself and God that he was homosexual when he discovered the word during home Bible study at nine years old. He told his parents when he was 13 years old. Junior High, High School and college were not easy social times for Glen. Eventually dropping out of college after attending two years. Glen still managed to edit the yearbook and take every philosophy course the Midwestern liberal arts college had in it’s curriculum.

Looking for integration, Glen found the Beats and began to read the works of W.S. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg. A new world of being opened up and Glen began to question what was possible for himself spiritually. Working as a waiter in four star restaurants and private clubs, Glen pursued spiritually enlightening experiences by experimenting with drugs and other illegal activities until an arrest forced a change. Cleaning up in the late 80’s and alone after the end of a long relationship, Glen again sought solace in an authentic relationship with spirit and others.

Glen settled down in Kansas City and renewed his relationship with his parents and worked on creating a healthy home. Some success followed. Glen quit waiting tables and began working in accounts receivable at a large hospital. He joined the Unity Church and began actively pursuing spiritual experience again. It was the discovery of the work of Harry Hay and the Radical Faeries that led Glen to a Gaia Retreat Center. There Glen found kindred spirits in the worship of the Goddess and a fully embodied Queer spirituality for the first time. Glen finally felt the liberation he was seeking. He was finally being reflected by those around him and no longer afraid to share all that was radiating inside.

Attending a Tantra workshop in Camp Destiny, Vermont, Glen felt symbiosis with the Radical Faerie community in New York City. Very soon he was working with shamans in the Amazon valley connecting to the world and life like no other time in his life.

Spirit was clearly calling forth in a way that could not be ignored. Glen left his second long term relationship and moved to New York on Thanksgiving of 2001. Glen found a good job in short time and explored the city in his spare time.

In New York he met the love of his life,Yolanda aka Roger. Glen finally had a partner that was committed to the walk with spirit. They began attending the Unity Church of New York. Glen and YolandA could no longer ignore the strong call to the service to Spirit. This commitment lead to seminary at One Spirit Interfaith Seminary where Yolanda was ordained in 2011 and Glen in 2012. It was at One Spirit that Glen discovered the revolutionary work of Ken Wilber and recognized a fellow traveler and integrationist. Along with seminary, Glen began the Integral Mentoring program along his Interfaith studies. Roger now has a concert ministry as Reverend Yolanda and Glen has embraced A Course In Miracles as a teacher and workshop leader.  Glen was awarded a certificate as an Integral Mentor in June of 2013, one of three in the world. In 2014 he was certified in Cindy Wigglesworth's SQ21 method of wisdom assessment. 

Glen currently leads The Fellowship of Awakening, a weekly Miracles gathering in Manhattan on Wednesdays 7-9pm EST ( He can be heard every Thursday night at 8pm EST on ACIM Gather Radio hosted by Awakening-Together (archived at Glen also teaches a live Miracles class on Saturday afternoons at 3pm EST on Livestream.