Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening June 1, 2016

​Teachers of God,

Lesson 152

The power of decision is my own.
​You may believe that this position is extreme, and too inclusive to be true. Yet can truth have exceptions? If you have the gift of everything, can loss be real? Can pain be part of peace, or grief of joy? Can fear and sickness enter in a mind where love and perfect holiness abide? Truth must be all-inclusive, if it be the truth at all. Accept no opposites and no exceptions, for to do so is to contradict the truth entirely.​
​We're on to Chapter 14: Teaching for Truth, Section 3: Happy Learner.​ We getting on with it. We've got some things to unlearn. Basically what doesn't work. But that can be a uncomfortable place. It's not fun to find out we don't know what's going to make us happy.  We keep trying the old ways, keep believing the culture and the propaganda that the market tells us what happiness feels like and looks like, etc. Our happiness is constrained, so we need to find a way to unhook from the way of the world. We can. We do it by helping others.

First Image: Dark Door by DG @DeviantArt, altered photograph

Second Image: Chain Gang Cap Chain English 1890

Explanation of Images: Further along the journey to our Treasure we are working with our Mighty Companions and our Guide. We are learning to do things differently, but we still must deal with the world’s definition of happiness, value and purpose. We’re confronted again and again with the world telling us, selling to us what will make us happy. We keep trying to make it work, but it doesn’t because it’s empty. Sometimes we have to discover it’s hollowness over and over again. It’s a dark door, an opening to nothingness and forgetting. It cannot deliver us our happiness. Neither can other people. We cannot chain up ourselves for others nor do we want to restrain others. We teach others they are free so we can know freedom. We let go of the chains the world has placed upon our happiness and show others that they can too.