Rev. Glen Ganaway I.M.

The Fellowship of Awakening July 27, 2016

I am not a body. I am free. 
For I am still as God created me.


(189) I feel the Love of God within me now.


The Love of God is what created me. The Love of God is 
everything I am. The Love of God proclaimed me as His 
Son. The Love of God within me sets me free.


I am not a body. I am free. 

For I am still as God created me.
​We're finally here, guys. This is where we find what we've been looking for! We have a dark night of the soul. ​We buckle down and take a closer look at ourselves, our lives and this precious moment where we are. The light, if we will look, will sustain us. We are light-bearers for the world. It's time to discover that for ourselves so that we can share it with others. 

First Image: ‘Dark Path’ photograph by Theodore Lewis

Second Image: ‘Turkish Lights’ photograph by Evan Thoreau

Explanation of Images: We come to this part of the journey and we are looking for that light. We are seeking a light that doesn’t go out or falters. Often we discover this light after going through some of the darkest places. There is a place that we haven’t looked. Within. We finally come to place in our journey that is no place, but where we are. We’ve stopped, settled down and looked within. Went toward where the voice was leading. And there we find our internal light. Our unique strength of spirit and resolve. In that discovery, the whole world comes to us. We realize in this interior moment that our brother is here. We realize that this light is our intimate path to all beings. We have a light on the world. We can’t wait to take our light back on the path and illuminate our lives. Hey everyone! Look what I found!!